Can I order an e-book cover now and upgrade to a print cover later?

Yes, you can expand your ebook cover into a print cover. I charge $50 for a print upgrade.

What do you charge?

My ebook cover package starts from $200 and my print cover package starts from $250

What are the differences between “custom” and “premade” covers?

A custom cover is a design tailored to your needs after you’ve completed the briefing form. I manipulate several images to make your cover while designing something to match the mood of your cover.

A premade cover is a generic ready-made design. Usually, I accept minimal changes: fonts, hair colors, or other minor changes.

How does the cover design process work?

First, I gather all the details about your book via Ebook form or Ebook&Paperback form. In these forms, I ask for details about your ideas, the genre, important symbols and locations, and examples of covers you like. Once I have all the needed information, I will send you an invoice and a contract to sign, then I design the first draft and work with you through revisions. This may take from 10 days to up to a month, depending on complexity, so planning in advance is recommended.

How does payment work?

Once we’ve agreed to a design, I will send you a Paypal invoice.

What if I want to cancel the project?

Please contact me as soon as possible if you change your mind and I will refund your entire sum. If I’ve already started working on the cover, then I reserve my right to retain 50% of the full initial cover price. Paypal charges may apply.

What genres do you work with?

I work with all genres.

Can I get the PSD file of the cover?

Yes, you can get a PSD file of your cover but the layers are going to be flattened. The PSD file will only allow you to edit the title.

Can I get a printed book cover at a later time?

You can upgrade your ebook design at any given time for an additional $50. If you also want a dust jacket, it would cost $25 more.

What stock photo websites are you using?

I use stock photos from depositphotos but I am open to working with other legitimate stock sources. If such an option is preferred, the client is responsible to purchase and provide the stock image.

Who owns the copyright of the cover design?

I retain the copyright ownership of the artwork. The client has the license to use the final image as a book cover. For using the artwork in other product packages, please contact me. Printing copies is limited to up to 500,000 copies, based on the Standard Licence: You can upgrade to an Extended License at any given time.

What about crediting you in my book?

I require my name to appear as the book cover designer in your book. The credit should read as such: “Cover design by Mihaela Joe,

More information could be found in Terms & Conditions page.