Please watch the video once you have read the project presentation.

Exploring Dysphagia through Interactive Design


In my ongoing journey as a UI/UX designer, I had the opportunity to tackle a project close to my heart – addressing the challenges faced by individuals with dysphagia during mealtime gatherings. I aimed to create an inclusive and empowering experience that would bridge the gap and foster connection at the dining table. Through a combination of character design, animation, and innovative technology, I developed a unique concept that transformed the struggle into a harmonious collaboration.


At the core of this project is a character design that embodies the essence of dysphagia, depicting the struggles faced by those affected. These endearing jelly blobs symbolize both the physical and emotional barriers individuals with dysphagia encounter during communal meals. By breaking the jelly blobs with a fork, participants unlock a world of instrumental musical sounds, turning the act of eating into a creative and collaborative experience.

Interactive Prototype:

To bring this concept to life, I developed an interactive prototype using cutting-edge technology. The transparent table surface conceals a camera system capable of detecting the moment when the jelly blob is broken, triggering the corresponding musical sound. This innovative setup not only encourages participation but also ensures that individuals with dysphagia feel included and empowered, as they contribute to the creation of a unique musical composition.

Impact and Benefits:

Through this project, my goal was to address the emotional and social aspects of dysphagia, aiming to reduce the sense of isolation that often accompanies mealtime gatherings. By providing an avenue for expression and inclusion, this interactive design encourages engagement, fosters understanding, and breaks down barriers between individuals, enabling them to connect on a deeper level.


This project, centered around dysphagia and its impact on communal dining experiences, allowed me to explore the power of design in creating inclusive and meaningful interactions. By combining character design, animation, and innovative technology, I sought to transform a seemingly isolating struggle into a harmonious and collaborative endeavor. Through this portfolio piece, I hope to not only showcase my design skills but also shed light on the potential of interactive design to empower and connect individuals with diverse challenges.